Spiritual Entrepreneurship: Fulfilled! ✔

My name is Bill Harrison. I am a widowed, 3-time cancer survivor with atrial fibrillation, hypertension, and an implanted pacemaker. And yet I continue to joyfully live an exciting and rewarding life of challenge, adventure, and  accomplishment because I know who I am and why I am still here; that is, what my purpose in life is. 

At this stage of my life my purpose is to enable others to experience the kind of life my late wife Mary and I shared for over 50 years and that I still do by helping them to learn more about who they are and what their purpose is in life so they can begin to share their unique combination of talents, abilities, experience, passion and personality with a world that sorely needs what they and they only have to offer.

 For over half a century my wife Mary and I enjoyed  a most fulfilling life journey together. What began as a very ordinary marriage, with work, school and the beginning of a family when our daughter Jennifer arrived, changed dramatically in January 1970 when we jointly decided to follow Jesus Christ to wherever he led us and to do whatever he asked us to do. Thus began a voyage of challenge, adventure and accomplishment that far exceeded anything we had imagined for ourselves. The story of that voyage and the principles we discovered along the way are documented in our book “Spiritual Entrepreneurship: Fulfilling Your God- Ordained Destiny” which won the Readers Choice award in the Spiritual Leadership category at the Christian Literary Awards in December 2019. We called the process spiritual entrepreneurship: entrepreneurship because it required us to leave our comfort zone and engage in difficult, sometimes risky endeavors with no guarantee of success. And spiritual because it was done with the guidance and empowerment of God’s Holy Spirit.

When Mary passed away in December 2017 following a long battle with an incurable liver disease my life changed dramatically once again. The story of my journey since her passing and the lessons I have learned from it are documented in my book “Traveling Solo but Never Alone: Surviving and Thriving After the Loss of a Spouse”. I miss having Mary by my side as I travel through life now, but she is still with me in my heart and so still travels with me. My purpose and priorities have changed since her passing, but I still enjoy a bountiful, joyous lfe as God has always intended and has ordained for those who are willing to follow where he leads.

Both books are available online from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can download a free sample chapter of each here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z7ohr3q8omz140r/AACmjyFvHQacNj_gON6twYTva?dl=0

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