About Us


Having enjoyed successful careers in several different industries (manufacturing, construction commercial real estate, telecommunications, marketing consulting and academia) my wife Mary and I learned that our talents, skills, experience and God-given gifts could be applied in different ways in many diverse situations. All that was required was a willingness to go wherever God led us and to do whatever he asked us to do. In the process of so doing we learned that God had a plan for our lives that was more challenging that our own plans, but also far more exciting and rewarding. In the process we have been afforded opportunities to go places (including all 50 of the United States and some 60 foreign countries) and do things that have gone far beyond what we expected for ourselves.

Based on our life experiences as a married couple with dual professional careers, my wife and I developed the concept that we call spiritual entrepreneurship. The challenges we faced in fulfilling the requirements of two separate careers without neglecting our family obligations led us to the principles and practices of this concept.