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A.I. vs S.I.

A.I., artificial intelligence, is an evolving technology being highly touted as a tool to improve productivity for individuals and businesses by taking over repetitive or menial tasks and allowing human workers to focus more time on strategic, creative, or more complex responsibilities. It can write essays, reports, solve math problems and much more. A.I. draws on an ever-expanding database of human experience and knowledge gathered over several millennia of human existence. Unfortunately, in its current stage it sometimes produces false results, so needs human intervention to distinguish fact from fiction. There is also growing concern in some quarters about the possible consequences of bad actors using A.I. for nefarious purposes. Nevertheless, it is a new and emerging technology that needs to be understood and dealt with.

On the other hand, I have relied for many years now on what I would call S.I., Supernatural Intelligence, to help me improve my productivity. It draws from the mind of God, whose thoughts are higher than human thoughts, whose intelligence is far greater than human intelligence, and which goes back many millennia to before the advent of time as we know it. Because of this, S.I. alone can answer questions that mankind is still trying to understand, such as how the universe came into existence, how intelligent life evolved, and what man’s role is in this life, his reason for existence. Knowing  the answers to these things, S.I. can provide us with a much more exciting and rewarding life of challenge, adventure and accomplishment that sometimes can produce miracles by guiding and empowering us to accomplish our life’s purpose . I highly recommend that you try it. It is readily available if you ask God for it and will greatly improve your productivity and quality of life, and sometimes produce astounding results.