Strange as it may seem, with virtually the entire world shut down due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, I am beginning to realize the blessings that this has brought me. Thanks to wireless communication and the Internet I am able to keep abreast of the fast-moving developments brought on by the virus outbreak, and, more importantly, stay in touch with family and friends to check on their welfare. I am still able to get out when I need to, to pick up medicine and groceries, for myself and others. And, if the need arises, to have those delivered to me. I see the church, the Body of Christ, stepping forward to offer these services to those who need it and praying together (although apart) for God’s blessings to come about through this time of trial and testing, as they always do.

And personally I am learning to forget about the past, leave the future to the future, and concentrate on living each day as it comes. This is as God has always intended for us to live, trusting him to provide us with all we need for the day, including the strength to overcome whatever obstacles we encounter. And I am seeing he still does this as he has for the past 77 plus years of my life. Had he not, I probably wouldn’t even be here, so each day I continue to live is a blessing, a gift from God for me to enjoy and work the work he has assigned me.

This slowed down pace of life is enabling me to notice and appreciate all of the little blessings that come my way each day. Morning sunrise, even on days when clouds fill the sky, rainfall and clearing, trees and grass greening, flowers beginning to bloom, birds singing, and just taking time to enjoy fellowship with God. I have lived a long, sometimes challenging, always adventurous life, accomplishing more than I ever imagined I could. And I intend to treasure every new day that God gives me and do my best to make the most of it.

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